Scientific Investigation – Which Battery Lasts Longest?

We wanted to find out which brand of batteries last longest.

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Photographs by Sheri. sherry

What we used:

We used three different brand of batteries: Eveready, Coles and Varta.
And we used torches that were the same.

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Most of us predicted that the eveready battery would last the longest because of the ads on TV. Kyle predicted that the Varta battery would last longest.


We switched on all the torches at the same time. We recorded what time we turned on the torches.

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The Coles battery ran out first.

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Eveready lasted next. Eveready lasted only for 13 hours.

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The Varta battery lasted longest.

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Battery Life graph

Graph by Jenny.


Coles lasted for 3 hours.
The Eveready battery lasted for 13 hours
and the Varta ran out after 16 hours.

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How much does it cost to run each battery per hour?

table battery/hour

The results are that the Coles battery was the cheapest battery but costs more money than the other batteries per hour. Per hour Coles cost, 62 cents.

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by Jenny

The Varta battery lasted longest but it costs the same amount as the Eveready battery per hour. They both cost 15 cents per hour.

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