Should Animals be Kept in Cages?

No, animals should not be kept in cages.

Firstly, animals should not be kept in cages because they forget how to hunt for their own food and they forget how to protect themselves.

Another reason is if you put animals in a cage it is very cruel because they might be very unhappy. They might not eat and later they could die.

Finally, cages are too small compared to the wild where animals can have exercise and freedom.

To sum up, we should not keep animals in cages.

by Anthony

5 thoughts on “Should Animals be Kept in Cages?

  1. Anthony-
    Thank you for your posting about the freedom of animals. It is certainly important, and doesn’t get spoken of nearly enough.
    Mr Z
    English Teacher
    Hinsdale NH USA

  2. no no no alll wrong animals shyuld be in cages: they get to be fed 2: they get to learn about the animals/animal 3:they get to teach cool things to the animal

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