Our First Voicethread!!!!!!

My class made voicethreads for our migration tales.

Ms K chose me to do the first voicethread. I was so nervous!!!!!!!!!!!! First Ms K told me to choose a picture I like from all the picture’s I drew and scanned.

Then I tried talking on a voicethread with the headset but we couldn’t hear it so we tried again but well, nothing. Then Ms K opened audacity and I spoke in that and it worked.

Everyone else just worked very quietly. I was talking and talking until I finished. Then Ms K let me listen to my voicethread. Then she listened to it, it was BRILLIANT.

She saved it. WOW I was done!!!! Now time for the other kids to their voicethread’s.

by Sabrina

14 thoughts on “Our First Voicethread!!!!!!

  1. I truly appreciate your time in posting this project. I really enjoy seeing student created projects and great examples for pre-service/in-service educators. I am sure the students are extremely proud of their work. I hope all of the families view it!

  2. This is a wonderful work! I am glad I came across your blog, it is a beautiful example of how to use web tools with students. I could not listen to the voicethreads, they did not upload, it is probably my settings.
    I will came by again, I would love to hear their voices.
    Love: Maru from Mexico

  3. Hi Everyone !

    We are so pleased that you are also using the Voice Thread like us.
    We just started using that this month. Have a look at ours and see what
    you think of it.
    Wonderful work ! Keep it up !

    From Mrs. She and Room 5 Pt. England School Auckland New zealand.

  4. I also loved the idea of your migration tales. The technology allows us to preserve all these wonderful historical moments. Voicethread is great and we also enjoy using it. However, yesterday, we worked on one set up by students in England, it appeared to save but when we returned to it later on in the day it had disappeared. So we will try again next week. It was wonderful to read your post and hear that you tried alternative ways of putting up the audio and then it worked. Keep up the great products.

  5. Hello Again !
    We just want to let you know our voive thread had been deleted accidentally.
    we will try to make another one and post it again. Thanks for the nice comments.

    Mrs. She and Room 5 Pt .England School New Zealand

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