It’s the New Year ~ 2009

I would like to thank all the educators and students who visited 3GK’s blog in 2008. It was so exciting for the students and myself to communicate with you all and also visit your blogs and leave comments.

The new year has brought a change for 3GK. They have been split into 3.5 year 4 classes. I am teaching year 4 this year and four students from 2008’s 3GK class are now in my new class 4GK. 4GK have a new blog and we’d like you to please come and visit when you can.

Kind Regards,

Grace Kat.

Happy New Year

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting our blog. Today is our last day in school in year 3.

In five weeks we’re going to year4.

Thank you again.

Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year.

from 3GK and Ms.Kat

Community Responsibilities

This term we have been working on local council services and community responsibilities.

We made comic strips out of the information we learned using toondoo. We worked in pairs and some of our toons are in our own blogs – please see the blog roll and thank you for visiting.

by Nancy and Vicky

by Emeline and Nadine

by John and Anthony

by Sara and Cecilia

by Kyle

Should Animals be Kept in Cages?

No, animals should not be kept in cages.

Firstly, animals should not be kept in cages because they forget how to hunt for their own food and they forget how to protect themselves.

Another reason is if you put animals in a cage it is very cruel because they might be very unhappy. They might not eat and later they could die.

Finally, cages are too small compared to the wild where animals can have exercise and freedom.

To sum up, we should not keep animals in cages.

by Anthony

Our First Voicethread!!!!!!

My class made voicethreads for our migration tales.

Ms K chose me to do the first voicethread. I was so nervous!!!!!!!!!!!! First Ms K told me to choose a picture I like from all the picture’s I drew and scanned.

Then I tried talking on a voicethread with the headset but we couldn’t hear it so we tried again but well, nothing. Then Ms K opened audacity and I spoke in that and it worked.

Everyone else just worked very quietly. I was talking and talking until I finished. Then Ms K let me listen to my voicethread. Then she listened to it, it was BRILLIANT.

She saved it. WOW I was done!!!! Now time for the other kids to their voicethread’s.

by Sabrina

Migration Tales

This term, 3GK were talking about Being Australian. They asked their parents for the reasons they migrated from their homeland to make a new life in Australia.

Here are some presentations made by 3GK.

The others are on these students’ individual blogs:

See below for other student presentations.

Vicky’s Tale

Migration Tales by Vicky 3GK

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: migration)

Owen’s Tale

Migration Tale by Owen 3GK

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: migration)

Emeline’s Tale

Migration Tales by Emeline

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Nadine’s Tale

Migration Tales By Nadine 3GK

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Anthony’s Tale

Migration Tales Anthony

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Nezzie’s Tale

Migratiom Tales Nezzie

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Visual Arts ~ Portraiture

In term 3, stage 2 will be working on Portraiture in Visual Arts. We will be looking at portraits painted by artists and drawing our own.

Here is a video called “Draw Fast a Face” by Kipiktu to show us how a portrait may be drawn.

This video is from youtube so you may not be able to see it at school (unless I am logged in). If you access youtube at home make sure a parent or carer is watching with you.


Our teacher gave us 6 pieces of newspaper to make an arch big enough for us to crawl through.

First we rolled the papers into cylinder shapes because we knew that cylinders bend in the middle.

Then we squeezed the narrow ends into the wide ends. We could all fit through.

by Tazbir, Walled and Anthony